Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day -4

Last night ended in a very unexpectedly pleasant way: my hubby drove up to surprise me and is going to stay with me for the weekend. Pardon the sap, but I wonder on almost a daily basis what I did to deserve such an amazing man. He is one of my greatest blessings. End sap. :-) Anyhow, the day passed much quicker today, the walks were not as hard with a hand to hold, I got foot and calf massages, and life in general was much happier. I also had my favorite nurse again, and found out that I get to have her one more time tomorrow. She is fantastic. Her name is Katie, and she is the perfect combination of a super laid back, by the book, and yet all-around compassionate nurse. She is also very dry and sarcastic, so we get along well. She is a lot younger than me (which is a crazy sensation, many of my nurses are younger or the same age as me, while during my first transplant I was just a kid), but I feel a great kinship with her. She met my husband this morning and told him "she's my favorite patient" with a big smile, and then proceeded to stop in all throughout the day for long chats about Netflix, Facebook, iPhone watches, you name it. It was fun and such a wonderful distraction from what is actually going on. I am so thankful for the blessing of being surrounded by good people. I also got to talk to my sister for awhile, and my dad, so it was a day filled with people I love.

Unfortunately, my chemo finally hit. One of the chemotherapy drugs I am on I had in my last transplant as an outpatient and had no trouble tolerating it, but the second chemo I am taking is a very harsh chemo, though I am on low doses by transplant standards. Actually, I finished my last dose of it yesterday, but I felt the effects today. The past two days I was given anti-nausea medications before the chemo, and since I did not have it today, I was allowed off of my all day liquid infusions and not given any anti-nausea medications. Turns out that wasn't the best plan. I've been feeling pretty pukey (in every sense of the term) all day. I think the official term for this feeling after chemo is "meh." Not terrible, definitely not great, just "meh." Kind of like this blog tonight. ;-) Really, I guess I don't have much to report. Another day down, ready for another day tomorrow, and hoping this chemo junk has finally worn off by then. Good night. 


  1. Glad Colten got to surprise you.

    As I'm sure you know far too well is the problem with chemo is that the timing and the impact hit everyone differently. It is so unpredictable.

  2. Hope things go better tomorrow. Continuing to pray.